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Apple looking to ban eight Samsung devices; Samsung shares hit by verdict

28 AUG 2012

Apple is looking to secure sales bans on eight Samsung smartphones following its US intellectual property victory in which Samsung was ordered to pay US$1.05 billion in compensation to the iPhone maker. Samsung shares fell by 7.5 percent yesterday, wiping more than US$12 billion off the firm's value, but the stock rebounded by 1.8 percent today.

Reuters reports that Apple is seeking to ban the sale of eight older model devices, including the Galaxy S and S2 and the Droid Charge. The lawsuit covered 28 devices but many of these are no longer widely available for sale in the US.

The jury found Samsung guilty of infringing Apple’s pinch-to-zoom and bounce-back scrolling patents. The Google-branded Nexus S smartphone was only found to infringe the latter patent. However, Samsung was not deemed guilty of copying the rectangular design of the iPad.

Samsung’s latest Galaxy S3 device wasn’t included in the lawsuit but, as the ruling validates Apple’s patent claims on design features, it could also be used against the flagship device. According to Reuters, Apple may not have to resort to another trial to target the S3 but can include it in a faster-moving “contempt proceeding”.

The South Korean company is to appeal the decision and has said it will work to ensure that its products remain available in the US market. A Reuters source said that Samsung is already working with US operators to modify the infringing features to get around potential injunctions.

An injunction hearing is due to take place on 20 September and will be overseen by US District Judge Lucy Koh, who presided over the original trial. If the injunctions are granted, Samsung is likely to ask them to be put on hold until the outcome of its appeal is known.

Google and its recently acquired Motorola unit could suffer as a result of the trial verdict, as the products found to infringe Apple’s patents run the Android OS.

According to the BBC, Google said it doesn’t want the ruling to limit consumer access to Android devices. It said that the court of appeals will review the validity of the patent claims, most of which don’t relate to the core Android OS, and some of which are being re-examined by the US Patent Office.

The verdict could also mean other handset vendors using Android, which accounts for two-thirds of the US market, may need to look at making design changes.

In South Korea last week a judge ruled that both Apple and Samsung were guilty of infringing patents, with both companies being fined and subject to sales bans. Apple is still involved in lawsuits with Android handset vendors Motorola and HTC.


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