Intel is reported to have closed its Recon smart eyewear business, following on from earlier reports the company was reducing its presence in the wearables market.

According to Bloomberg, which cited “people familiar with the decision”, the company shut the 100-strong unit “earlier this summer”. The company will fulfil existing orders.

In July, it was reported Intel had refocused the New Technologies Group, which housed its wearables activity, to work on augmented reality. It was said at the time the Recon Jet device had been chopped, although it was not clear this move impacted the Recon unit as a whole.

Intel bought Recon Instruments in June 2015 when the chipmaker was looking to ensure it was at the centre of new device categories, such as consumer IoT. It also bough fitness tracker business Basis.

It was widely documented Intel missed the boat in mobile, but with new device categories emerging and networks evolving there was an opportunity to reposition itself for future growth.

But the wearables market proved somewhat overhyped, seeing strong rather than stellar growth.

It also remains unclear how the wearables retrenchment impacted Intel’s relationship with companies such as Tag Heuer and Luxottica (owner of the Oakley brand among others), for which it powers a range of products including smartwatches and smart glasses.