Huawei Technologies has uncovered four cases of employees in its enterprise group violating the company’s corruption policy.

The company has not offered details on the exact type of corruption the employees were involved in and has downplayed the discovery as part of routine internal checks.

But Caixin, a Chinese news publication, reported that as many as 116 employees were found to be asking for or taking bribes from sales agents in exchange for rebates.

A source told Reuters that the company has held discussions with employees on what constitutes graft and affirmed the company’s zero-tolerance on bribery.

Huawei issued a statement which said it has a very clear policy on what constitutes acceptable business practice. “We expect all our employees to comply fully with these standards. Where evidence is presented that any of our employees has failed to meet those standards, we take appropriate action with those employees.”

“In the enterprise market, Huawei is firmly implementing an open, transparent and stable channel policy, in order to pursue fairness and justice, and to fight firmly against any form of activity that fails to meet the standards we set for ourselves.”

The vendor, China’s largest telecoms equipment maker and second in the world behind Ericsson, has 150,000 employees and its turnover last year was CNY39.5 billion ($6.5 billion). The enterprise group had revenues of CNY2.5 billion last year.

As the firm has moved aggressively into developing markets in Asia, the Middle East and Africa, it has been dogged by accusations of bribery to win contracts. Over the past years officials in Uganda and Zimbabwe have investigated the company.

In 2012 the company, along with ZTE, was found guilty of bribery in Algeria and fined $39,000 and excluded from public contracts for two years.