PRESS RELEASE: du and Huawei commercially deployed and verified Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) Massive Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) & MetaAAU in hotspot areas. This has led to significant improvement in network performance, and enhanced the customer experience, boosting the number of users and increasing traffic during busy hours.

In recent years, after rolling out Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) services, du has seen its network traffic rising sharply, especially in hotspot areas. Accordingly, a new solution with deeper coverage is needed for a more advanced indoor user experience. FDD dual-band Massive MIMO helps du deliver on these needs. This solution has higher spectral efficiency and uses the industry’s leading smart beamforming technology and intelligent beam scheduling algorithm. As such, this solution delivers a 3-fold capacity gain and a 6dB coverage gain over existing technology, helping du release suppressed traffic and improve indoor experience.
Since the commercialization of 5G, du has built gigabit 5G networks in urban areas for continuous coverage by deploying Massive MIMO products. Therefore, MetaAAU is an ideal option for the operator to boost coverage in populated urban areas to deliver enhanced 5G experience both indoors and outdoors.

Saleem Alblooshi, CTO at du, said, “Innovation enables us to bring the best possible experience to our users. Huawei new 5G technology has helped us improve our customer network experiences. With better coverage, Huawei innovative technologies can work to improve the customer experience, further unleashing 5G technology potentials to provide fast network connections and best user experience. This potential was evident in the network test, which has showcased the leading performance and mature commercial capabilities of this solution. In the future, we will continue to work with Huawei and other partners to explore and apply technological innovations for the best of our customer experience.”

  • Huawei FDD Massive MIMO is a hotspot capacity boosting solution that uses the mature wideband multi-antenna technology and the innovative intelligent multi-beam solution to deliver optimal experience.
  • 64T64R MetaAAU is an upgrade of the Huawei MetaAAU series that adopts extremely large antenna array (ELAA) technology for optimal performance and energy efficiency. The product can deliver strong coverage, large capacity, and outstanding experience.