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China Mobile Unveils Action Plans for Reaching Peak Carbon Emissions and Achieving Carbon Neutrality

22 NOV 2021

PRESS RELEASE: On July 15, 2021, China Mobile announced its action plans for reaching peak carbon emissions and achieving carbon neutrality at a joint conference in Beijing.

China Mobile has been actively exploring efficient ways of conserving energy and cutting carbon emissions to support low-carbon green development, achieving significant results and gaining valuable experience in this process. China Mobile recently took a new step further by formulating new action plans to reach peak carbon emissions and achieve carbon neutrality and introducing new growth models to support these plans and green growth goals for 2021 to 2025. As a leading ICT enterprise targeting green corporate growth, China Mobile is developing new infrastructure for green transformation inside and outside of the industry, contributing to the national objectives of reaching peak carbon emissions and achieving carbon neutrality.

The release of these action plans reflects China Mobile’s push for green growth, which will put the company in a unique position to demonstrate ways to support the China’s strategies and fulfill social responsibilities in terms of achieving carbon goals.

According to Dong Xin, General Manager of China Mobile, the company has been executing green strategies throughout the past 14 years since 2007 to help reduce energy usage, cut down emissions, and combat environmental pollution. “Taking into account new situations in both the industrial and social domains, we upgrade our green strategies to new action plans to help achieve ‘dual-carbon’ goals,” said Dong Xin. “Our goal is to limit our aggregate carbon emissions to 56 million tons by the end of 2025, despite an estimated 1.6 times increase in total traffic volume. To achieve this, we will adopt new technologies and operation models which will reduce the aggregate energy usage and carbon emissions of per unit telecom services by more than 20%, saving up to 40 billion kWh of electricity.”

At the joint conference, China Mobile released a white paper which detailed the action plans. The white paper opens with a brief summary of green achievements from 2016 to 2020 before elaborating on the new models for green, low-carbon expansion in the second part, and finally outlining goals for 2020 to 2025 in the third part. The new models are introduced to safeguard green, low-carbon expansion, articulating three guidelines and six approaches for supporting the action plans.

Based on these guidelines, the telecom giant focuses on reducing energy usage, increasing the proportion of clean energy in its energy supply structure, and helping vertical industries realize the full potential of ICT technologies and solutions in terms of reducing carbon emissions. Six approaches are planned to help reach this goal: building green networks based on new architecture and energy-saving technologies; maximizing the usage of electric power and green energy; standardizing the specifications for energy-saving devices and technologies and developing green supply and procurement chains; promoting both online and low-carbon work styles; expanding information services and smart environment protection solutions to vertical industries; and growing public awareness of green, low-carbon development.



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