ZTE’s chief security officer Zhong Hong (pictured) argued the company is listening and addressing the concerns raised by the industry and public regarding 5G security, as the company opened its latest cybersecurity lab.

The lab, which opened today (9 July) in Brussels, Belgium, follows the opening of similar facilities in Nanjing, China and Rome, Italy in May.

Speaking at the opening, Zhong reiterated the company’s desire to expand its foothold into Europe and ambitions to “go a step further” in being more open, transparent and accessible, following concerns about Chinese vendors and the safety of their equipment.

Zhong explained the company chose Brussels specifically because it considers the city as the “administrative and political heart of the European Union”, with the lab designed to give wider access to security verification of ZTE’s products, services and processes.

“The intention of the cybersecurity lab is to provide European customers, regulators and other stakeholders with greater transparency by verifying security, communicating on security and cooperating to improve security.”

Four main functions will run from the lab on a daily basis: source code review; document review; black box testing; and penetration testing. The company also plans to conduct additional research with leading security companies to further safeguard 5G systems, which Zhong said was part of a long-term strategic plan.

“Security cannot be done by one sole vendor or telecoms operator,” added Zhong. “We are all confronted with security challenges in the 5G era.”