LIVE FROM ZTE 5G SUMMIT, STRESA, ITALY: ZTE SVP Xiao Ming (pictured) highlighted the need for joint effort to push further syergies between the real and digital worlds, with vendors, operators, industrial players and governments all required to play a role.

Speaking in the opening keynote, the executive noted future innovations could help “fine tune our world” pointing to further developments around XR, blockchain and the metaverse.

To achieve advances Ming highlighted a requirement to “think proactively”.

Developments in connectivity and computing technologies have already allowed the provision of connectivity from the heights of Everest to deep mining trenches, he added, alongside supporting various advanced services including online gaming and autonomous driving technology.

However, moving forward he expected even more interaction between the digital and real world.

“We should be able to use all different sorts of innovations and vision to fine tune our world,” he added, noting everyone must also be “thankful for what the high technology has already brought us” while also uniting to pursue future innovation.

The event is ZTE’s first in-person edition of the 5G Summit since the start of the Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, with various operators, politicians and industrial players in attendance, which Ming implored to work together to help drive use of even more advanced technologies.