Verizon consumer chief Ronan Dunne (pictured) shed light on the operator’s plan to recoup 5G investments, noting it will charge consumers a premium for the faster speeds offered by its mmWave network.

Speaking at an investor conference, Dunne stated access to a forthcoming nationwide low-band 5G service will be included in all unlimited tariffs, but customers will have to upgrade to a higher tier or pay an extra $10 per month to access mmWave.

He added Verizon is eyeing opportunities to further segment 5G tariffs, “specifically in areas like separating latency and potentially creating a gamer’s package that allows people to get higher levels of experience within the games they enjoy”.

Verizon first said it would charge extra for 5G when it launched its mmWave service in April 2019, but at the time made no mention of plans for spectrum-based pricing.

Dunne reiterated the operator’s plan to launch nationwide 5G by the end of 2020.

He noted “until now we haven’t had more than about mid-50s per cent of our spectrum actually allocated to LTE, so we have a number of tools in our arsenal to build out incremental capacity to optimise the network”.