Telefonica has added availability of its own M2M management system in three more countries – Argentina, Chile and Mexico.

The operator’s Smart M2M Solution, which was launched in Spain and Brazil a year ago, aims to provide local and regional customers with a service adapted to their particular needs.

The company says such customers typically have local requirements for language support, SIM cards and network maintenance but do not need permanent roaming.

The operator developed the management system internally, but with some help from Ericsson. Among its features are real-time monitoring of traffic type, as well as its volume and consumption levels. The system also offers technical supervision, such as maps of connected devices and advanced diagnostics.

“Telefonica is aware of the potential of M2M technologies in the support of local business development. With this in mind, we have matched our technical expertise with our local knowledge to offer our customers from Argentina and Chile a flexible platform that provides them with useful tools, giving them a precise view of their business processes,” said Carlos Morales (pictured), director of M2M at Telefónica Digital.