Tele2 announced that Roxanna Zea, EVP of group strategy (pictured), is leaving the company as a result of “diverging views on Tele2’s strategic planning and execution”.

A Tele2 spokesperson told Mobile World Live that there was no differences in strategic direction but did not expand on how Zea’s views diverged from the company line on planning and execution.

The spokesperson added that no new information on group strategy could be given until Q4 results are published, slated for 7 February.

The last few months have been difficult ones for the Nordic operator.

In December it surprisingly lost out in Norway’s 4G auction. Tele2 Norway subsequently announced it would not be expanding its 3G network beyond 75 per cent of population coverage – the minimum required by the country’s telecom regulator.

The operator will rely on wholesale agreements to offer further coverage.

Tele 2 Norway says, however, it will launch 4G services on 1 May. At the time of losing out in its bid for 4G spectrum in Norway, Tele 2 said it would be able to use existing frequencies to roll out LTE.

Tele 2 Norway currently runs its network on 900MHz and 2.1GHz frequencies. It’s also believed to be eyeing up 1.8GHz spectrum still not assigned in Norway.

“Tele2 growth was really meant to be all about Norway and the Dutch mobile opportunity. Both look to be in disarray,” Berenberg Bank wrote in a recent analyst note quoted by The Wall Street Journal.

“In light of the current performance issues and prospective growth downgrades, we do not expect Tele2 to exist in its current form this time next year,” the note added.

Tele2 announced in November that Günther Vogelpoel, CEO of Tele2 Netherlands, had decided to leave the company.