VIDEO INTERVIEW: Mozilla’s secret to driving down the cost of smartphones using its Firefox OS lies in optimising its software for lower-cost hardware, according to the company’s COO, Li Gong.

Speaking to Mobile World Live, the executive said: “Sometimes the margin on the low-cost phones could be actually bigger than higher cost hardware because it’s a question of what OS you put on and what optimisation you can get from the OS.”

The first Firefox OS phones were priced between $70 and $80 but the company quickly realised there was demand for smartphones at an even lower price point.

“We heard lots of demand for lower prices — below $50, below $40 phones. And we hear loud and clear that the market for that sort of segment, where you convert feature phone users to smartphone users, [is] a huge market for us,” Gong explained.

To that end, Mozilla has announced plans to support a $25 smartphone.

In order to reduce smartphone costs while maintaining margins, Mozilla worked with Spreadtrum to optimise Firefox OS for a low cost platform being developed by the chipmaker with just 128MB of RAM. This compares to the standard 256MB for Firefox OS devices and 512MB configuration for higher-end devices.

“We are able to offer a comparable smartphone experience at a much lower cost and so even though the total price point is lower, the margin is enough to motivate all the partners involved,” Gong said.

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