INTERVIEW: The Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF) believes there are considerable opportunities for operators to be champions for consumers, as well as driving new business models and revenue, through their use of data.

Speaking to Mobile World Live during the Mobile 360 Privacy and Security event, MEF CEO Rimma Perelmuter (pictured) said a “public awakening” around data privacy had opened the door for operators “to introduce machine learning and [artificial intelligence] AI and really look at privacy by design, and principles that can create a much better user experience”.

“In the past, we’ve noticed there was a rise of the reluctant sharer, who was willing to consent in order to access the app or service, but maybe begrudgingly – not really wanting to share the data.”

“Last year we saw the rise of the savvy consumer, who was willing to delete apps, and took advice from friends, and really did something when they didn’t trust an app,” she explained.

“Equally, we’re seeing that trustworthy apps actually garner more loyalty, and create an opportunity for service providers to build trusted relationships.”

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