Amazon CEO Andy Jassy revealed the company planned to cut an additional 9,000 jobs over the coming weeks, on top of 18,000 announced in November 2022, as part of a plan to improve the long-term health of its businesses.

The latest cuts affect AWS, HR, advertising and Twitch service groups.

“Given the uncertain economy in which we reside and the uncertainty that exists in the near future, we have chosen to be more streamlined in our costs and headcount,” Jassy stated.

The staff reductions are scheduled to be completed by mid-to-late April.

Amazon will provide packages including a separation payment, transitional health insurance benefits and external job placement support.

Jassy noted there will be limited hiring in some in strategic areas where the company has prioritised allocating more resources. He explained Amazon’s lay offs were based on analysis of operations across all its business groups.

Meta Platforms last week detailed plans for a second round of mass redundancies, bringing the total to be cut to at least 21,000, while other companies including Twitter and Microsoft have also let people go as the broader technology industry adapts to a strained global economy.