LIVE FROM CES 2015: T-Mobile CEO John Legere may be absent from Las Vegas this year but he is attempting to make an impression on CES by stashing 10 rounds of gifts and prizes around the showfloor and city and continuing to mock rival AT&T.

Legere and his team will use twitter today (using #DataStash DASH) to announce a new ‘stash location’ throughout the day, offering the first three people (30 winners in total) to make it to the location a chance to win $1,000 in cash, as well as smartphones, tablets and free T-Mobile service.

Legere is a high-profile absentee from this year’s show after causing a stir at the last two events with launch of the operator’s ‘uncarrier’ initiatives. Today’s giveaway is clearly an attempt to ensure Legere isn’t forgotten at CES 2015.

In natural fashion, Legere couldn’t resist a swipe at main rival AT&T earlier this week as the US number two operator held its annual Developer Summit at CES (video highlights here). Legere tweeted: “Maybe at #CES2015, you guys can show #Randall a Virtual Reality where @TMobile doesn’t exist. #nevergonnahappen”.

Legere was equally dismissive of AT&T’s news today that, hot on the heels of T-Mobile’s Data Stash initiative from last month, it has announced shareable rollover data at no additional cost.

Legere claimed AT&T’s move is “nothing but marketing BS – @ATT is still charging you overages (so they can pressure you to buy more data) and still confiscating your data!”