T-Mobile US CEO set to unveil more ‘uncarrier’ moves – but not at CES2015

T-Mobile US boss Legere set to unveil more ‘uncarrier’ moves – but not at CES 2015

02 JAN 2015

Outspoken T-Mobile US boss John Legere claimed the operator will bring its ‘uncarrier’ strategy “to entirely new groups of people” in 2015, but anyone hoping for another high-profile uncarrier move at next week’s CES event in Las Vegas will be disappointed.

Legere first unveiled his uncarrier ideology at CES 2013, back when he had only been CEO for four months and T-Mobile was in desperate need of a shakeup. Since then the operator has launched eight uncarrier offerings, including the scrapping of annual service contracts, as well as the provision of data roaming at no extra charge.

At last year’s CES event Legere claimed the operator’s move to incentivise consumers to switch to the operator from AT&T, Sprint or Verizon by paying off their early termination fees (ETFs) would “frighten the crap” out of rival carriers.

It was expected that the T-Mobile management team would be back in force at CES 2015, but a spokesperson for the operator told Mobile World Live in an email that, “though T-Mobile will be meeting with a few partners there, there are no plans to announce news at CES this year. We caused enough of a stir last year!”.

T-Mobile’s decision not to push a new uncarrier move in early January is likely affected by the fact its most recent initiative – giving consumers the ability to roll over their unused monthly data into the next billing cycle – was only announced on 16 December.

While the company won’t be making headlines again at CES next week, Legere published a blog this week that talked up – among other things – his plans to bring uncarrier to whole new sectors of the US market this year.

“Did you know like a quarter of the people in this country don’t yet have a smartphone, and a quarter of households don’t have internet access? They need some uncarrier attention!” he wrote. “And there are countless small and mid-sized businesses out there we can help.”

Naturally, Legere also used the opportunity to take swipes at T-Mobile’s competitors: “I’m recommitting myself to making life hell for the old carriers who make life hell for their customers. Because it gives me joy.”

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