Google prepared to bring together applications Android Pay and Google Wallet under a single brand – Google Pay – in a bid to simplify the transaction process on devices running its software.

In a blog the company said the new facility would make it easier for customers to use the details stored with Google accounts to conduct a wide range of transactions. The Google Pay service will cover payments made on websites through Chrome and Android apps – including the Play Store – in addition to facilitating peer-to-peer cash transfer and retail payments previously made through Android Pay.

Its new branding is already being used on some third party Android apps.

Information on rebrand timescales and future plans for the service were limited, though the company did confirm users of its India-specific payment app Tez would also see their transaction options widened. However it did not state whether the India service, which only launched in September 2017, would be included in the wholesale rebrand.

Pali Bhat, Google VP of product management for payments, added: “Bringing everything into one brand is just the first step for Google Pay.”

Google has been rolling out retail app Android Pay across its markets since 2015, announcing its 18th territory in November 2017. Google Wallet had been available since 2011, enabling payment and cash transfer through Android, iOS and its web platforms.