US authorities conducting separate competition investigations into Google’s activities scheduled a meeting to share initial findings, a move which could result in wider collaboration around action against the company, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported.

Representatives from a coalition of attorney generals conducting a widespread investigation of the technology giant’s practices are scheduled to meet with Department of Justice (DoJ) officials to discuss a potential crossover with a probe it is conducting into the company.

WSJ stated it will be the first time state and federal regulators assessing the company are scheduled to discuss the scope of their activities and potential areas of common interest.

The coalition of attorney generals began its probe in September 2019. The group represents 48 US states in addition to Washington DC and Puerto Rico. Its scope includes how policies imposed by the company impact third-party innovation, consumer choice and privacy issues.

A DoJ investigation opened in July 2019 is examining Google’s policies, but also covers other technology companies.

It is assessing the level of competition in the search, social media and online retail sectors to determine if market dominance in any category hampers consumer interest and innovation.