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Samsung targets 2G vRAN opportunity

30 JUN 2022

Samsung moved to plug a hole in its network portfolio by launching a vRAN architecture for 2G to back deployments of voice communications in rural areas where availability of 4G and 5G is limited.

The vendor plans to commence trials of the 2G vRAN set-up in the back half of the year ahead of commercial deliveries in 2023 with a focus on tier-one operators in Europe.

The move will better equip Samsung to compete against Ericsson, Huawei and Nokia, which have had 2G offerings for years. Samsung was a slow starter in the network equipment market but is already staking a claim in the 5G space to take on bigger rivals.

In a blog, Samsung Networks VP and head of product strategy Kiho Cho, noted some operators still use 2G and plan to continue doing so beyond 2030, highlighting Europe as a key market.

“It is the foundation for existing network technologies and basic cellular services.”

Cho noted vRAN was a more effective means for operators to maintain legacy technologies, providing greater efficiency and flexibility through a software-based approach.

The executive added Samsung’s strategy will enable operators to move “from a complex mix of 2G, 4G and 5G to a simple and unified overarching network architecture”.

In addition to providing 2G in rural areas, Cho noted the approach can also be used for machine-to-machine communications and Internet of Small Things services.



Mike Robuck

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