Samsung Electronics and MediaTek achieved a peak throughput rate of 363Mb/s in a test of standalone 5G uplink two-carrier aggregation (2CA) using three transmit antennas to improve upload efficiency.

The companies claimed the industry-first demonstration validates the enhanced mobile capability of three-antenna, which they stated improves upload speeds and enhances spectrum and data transmission efficiency.

Current smartphones and customer premise equipment are compatible with two antennas, the vendors noted.

Tests in a Samsung laboratory used its C-Band Massive MIMO radios, virtualised Distributed Unit (vDU) and core equipment.

MediaTek provided a test device running its M80-based CPE chipset, with the trial beginning with uplink channels at 1,900MHz and 3.7GHz, with an additional uplink flow using MIMO on 3.7GHz.

“Faster uplink speeds bring new possibilities and have the potential to transform user experiences,” said Dongwoo Lee, head of technology solution group, Networks Business at Samsung Electronics, adding the tests have the potential to boost the performance of consumer devices.