Nokia deepened its push in the private wireless segment with the expansion of its enterprise 4G and 5G portfolio, unveiling services designed for large area deployments in public safety and the power utility sector.

New services will include a combination of offering unified 4G and 5G data, voice and subscriber/device management capabilities, and IoT applications.

The vendor stated the services will support “specific mission-critical network needs” of enterprises and governments in public safety and power utilities, highlighting optimised footprint, operational requirements and “streamlined deployment and support”.

Nokia claims its private wireless services are tailored specifically to deliver advanced connectivity required in machine-to-machine communications, particularly for smart sensor applications in power grids.

Its private 4G and 5G services for public safety offer precise location tracking, network convergence and wide-area wireless coverage to support mission-critical communications for first responders.

Modernise enterprise networks
The offerings are part of the company’s Core Network Software portfolio for field and wide-area (FAN/WAN) deployments aimed at supporting businesses to digitalise their network infrastructures, and enhance security and connectivity.

SVP and GM of core networks, cloud and network services, Fran Heeran, said its core enterprise services “will modernise large-scale enterprise networks, as well as provide important broadband capabilities and a clear path to deploying private 5G for the WAN”.

Nokia estimated the market for its core network services in FAN/WAN segment will increase 50 per cent to reach €1.5 billion by 2027, from around €1 billion today.