Nokia positioned a deal to run a network API access platform on Google Cloud as providing the means to speed creation of enterprise and consumer 5G applications, including by enabling developers to use the latter’s generative AI tools.

The vendor indicated developers accessing its Network as a Code platform would be able to offer AI tools within applications and improve their own productivity using coding assistant agents. Compatible Google platforms include development service Vertex AI and model Gemini 1.5.

As part of the collaboration, the pair aim to promote various potential 5G industry use cases to developers starting with those in the healthcare sector.

Nokia’s platform provides access to network API documentation alongside SDKs to aid creation of applications running on operator 4G and 5G networks.

It uses a revenue share model with operators, developers and itself.  

Nokia noted 13 partners and operators had signed-up in Europe and the Americas so far. Those publicly announced include Telecom Argentina and Orange.  

Google Cloud VP global distributed cloud and global telco industry Ankur Jain said the partnership with Nokia would offer its developer community an opportunity to “tap into the greenfield opportunity that 5G networks provide”.

An industry push to promote use of mobile operator network APIs has been a major trend of the last couple of years as the GSMA’s Open Gateway Initiative continues to gather support.