Dell’Oro Group reported microwave transmission equipment revenue grew 2 per cent in 2022 to $3 billion, driven by a 7 per cent increase in mobile backhaul fuelled by 5G deployments.

The research company predicted an additional 5 percent increase in mobile backhaul demand this year.

E-band radio shipments recorded a double-digit annual growth rate in Q4 2022 due to 5G deployments in India, with transceiver shipments up by nearly 40 per cent.

Jimmy Yu, VP at Dell’Oro Group, predicted the revenue growth trend for microwave transmission equipment to continue for several years.

A component shortage eased in late 2022 with a related improvement in revenue shortfall.

Huawei, Ericsson, and Nokia had the highest revenue share across the full year, though Dell’Oro placed the Chinese vendor as the only one to increase its market share.