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Japan warns Facebook on user data

22 OCT 2018

Japan’s government turned up the pressure on Facebook, urging the social media giant to do a better of job of protecting its users following recent data breaches which affected millions of people.

Reuters reported the government asked Facebook in a statement to be more open about security issues with its users, increase surveillance of external application providers on the platform and communicate with regulators about changes in security.

Facebook has faced additional scrutiny regarding its user data obligations after high-profile data breaches came to light this year. Earlier this month, it was revealed a hack attack affected 29 million user accounts (originally reported as 50 million users).

This followed a breach when 87 million user accounts were compromised after being accessed by data mining company Cambridge Analytica

The request came from Japan’s Personal Information Protection Commission, which also investigated the Cambridge Analytica data breach in conjunction with other regulatory authorities. The Commission reported the breach affected 100,000 people in Japan, while most recent cyber attack also had an impact on Facebook users in the country.

Reuters noted the request carries no administrative orders or penalties and is not legally binding.



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