Japan and the UAE agreed to expand the scope of an existing partnership in technology, which will put the focus on investment in semiconductors and batteries.

A statement issued by Japan’s foreign ministry revealed the nations addressed five areas of cooperation during a visit by Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s to the UAE. The areas cover: green economy; trade; diplomacy and security; culture, education, science and technology; and international and regional affairs.

In technology, the UAE made a commitment to invest in Japan’s chip economy, enforced through two frameworks, a move which expands on a scheme centred on advanced technology signed by the pair earlier this year.

In addition, the countries agreed for the UAE to provide financial backing to Japan to advance its battery ecosystem.

There is a plan for the two nations to also strengthen dialogue in space technology, AI and the circular economy.

Japan further highlighted the pair’s objective to lead climate action in the international community, ahead of the UN’s COP28, to be held at the end of this year.