Most end users expect 5G to deliver faster data speeds, but industry messages about innovative services delivered over the new technology fail to resonate with the majority of consumers, GSMA Intelligence (GSMAi) found.

In a survey, the GSMA’s analyst arm asked 15,000 mobile users in 16 markets to define their expectation of what 5G will deliver.

While 54 per cent cited improved mobile data speeds and 41 per cent anticipated improved service coverage, only a quarter named new services with even fewer (20 per cent) citing new devices. More than 20 per cent highlighted improved fixed broadband, with a similar number citing lower service costs.

However, close to 25 per cent were unable to name any 5G benefits.

In an accompanying report, GSMAi noted: “It will come as a disappointment, though perhaps not a surprise, to operators that innovative new services only resonate with 25 per cent of respondents in our survey. Consumers currently see 5G as the logical continuation of previous generation.”

Peter Jarich, head of GSMA Intelligence added: “While smartphones remain the dominant consumer technology, device vendors and operators are looking to 5G to unlock a new chapter in the smartphone growth story, even though our research suggests there is still work to do to convince consumers of the benefits of the move to 5G.”