5G-based Industrial Field Network

Industry is not only the leading force of the national economy but also the foundation of social and economic development. Under the promotion of the digital economy boom in recent years, the innovative development of “5G + Industrial Internet” has made phased achievements, and even has been replicated and spread in some areas. ZTE believes that the 5G fully connected factory can make full use of the new-generation Information and Communication Technology (ICT) represented by 5G to integrate and build a new type of industrial private network for critical production. The “5G + Industrial Internet” will also move forward from the initial exploration to deep cultivation.

This whitepaper combines ZTE’s extensive practice and optimized iteration with operators and partners in various industries to provide solutions covering converged computing networks, intrinsic determinism, and one-stop services, presenting to industry partners a detailed construction methodology and process of the critical production private network.

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