Huawei offered to adhere to strict security standards in a bid to persuade Indian authorities it does not pose a threat to 5G networks, with a specific pledge not to install backdoors in equipment sold to operators in the country, Reuters reported.

Jay Chen, CEO of Huawei’s India business, told the news agency it was in talks with authorities regarding the security of its equipment, with a heavy focus on laying to rest long-running fears the vendor spies for the Chinese state through backdoors in its kit. Huawei has consistently denied the allegations.

Chen said the company would sign a pledge not to engage in such backdoor activity and would be willing to let authorities scrutinise the source code its infrastructure uses. Huawei would also explore increasing the amount of kit it makes in India.

The talks appear to be a reaction to a recent increase in US pressure on India regarding banning Huawei kit. Earlier this month, US commerce secretary Wilbur Ross raised the issue of backdoors during a visit to Delhi, arguing the nation’s concerns were genuine and not simply “protectionism”, Financial Times reported.

Last month, Indian Foreign Ministry officials met with Australian cybersecurity chiefs to discuss why it blocked Huawei from bidding for 5G work.