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Google cashes in on Loon tech through start-up

13 SEP 2022

Google reportedly spun off a company formed to develop software to manage network connections on moving objects which recycles technology developed under its abandoned Loon HAPS project.

Bloomberg reported Aalyria Technologies also employs a laser communications technology Google uses for aerospace connectivity. The company aims to meet growing demand to provide coverage to objects inclusing aircraft, boats and drones.

CNBC reported Aalyria Technologies’ laser set-up can keep data intact through the atmosphere and bad weather while also offering connectivity where compatible infrastructure doesn’t exist.

Loon’s balloon location technology is renamed Spacetime by Aalyria: Bloomberg reported it is being used to predict when moving objects are about to lose connection, enabling it to be switched to a stronger signal.

Aalyria Technologies stated on Twitter it is establishing the “world’s most advanced networks” to provide connectivity “everywhere”.

On LinkedIn, founder and CEO Chris Taylor stated the company has been in development for the past nine months.

Bloomberg reported Aalyria Technologies has an $8.7 million commercial contract with the US Defence Innovation Unit and Google retained a stake in the company.



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