The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) told Mobile World Live (MWL) it had requested a temporary stay on Microsoft’s planned acquisition of Activision Blizzard, adding to growing opposition to the deal.

A representative said the FTC asked a court to issue a temporary restraining order to prevent Microsoft closing the deal.

The representative explained Microsoft and Activision Blizzard previously indicated they could not close the deal due to reviews by various competition regulators, but noted they provided no assurances they will maintain the position.

“In light of that, and public reporting that Microsoft and Activision Blizzard are considering closing their deal imminently, we have filed a request for a temporary restraining order”.

Microsoft vice chair and president Brad Smith told MWL it welcomed the opportunity to present its case in court. “We believe accelerating the legal process in the US will ultimately bring more choice and competition to the market.”

The FTC opposed the deal over concerns it will enable Microsoft to suppress competition in the console and cloud gaming sectors.

Bloomberg reported the FTC’s original complaint does not prevent Microsoft closing the deal.

A trial between Microsoft and the FTC could start in early August, it reported

The European Commission approved the deal but Microsoft faces a fight for clearance from the UK Competition and Markets Authority.