The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) sought comment on a plan to provide $100 million in support of telehealth services, as part of a bid to expand access to connected healthcare technologies.

Its proposed three-year programme would offer healthcare providers funding to purchase communication services necessary for connected care initiatives, ultimately providing up to an 85 per cent discount on the cost of connectivity.

In a statement, Commissioner Brendan Carr (pictured, second from right) said the move comes as “more and more remote technologies, whether on the smartphone or tablet, are bringing high-quality affordable care directly to communities across the country”.

The FCC said it is seeking feedback on how exactly the programme should be structured, including what healthcare and connectivity providers should be allowed to participate and what areas of the country should be targeted for support.

Separately, the Commission also advanced plans to auction unused portions of the 2.5GHz band, which it said will open key mid-band spectrum for 5G services.