EE detailed efforts in deploying AI to prevent calls and SMS scamming across its networks, using the technology to block potential threats by identifying spoof numbers and patterns in text messages.

The operator stated the new prevention methods will also be deployed on Plusnet and BT networks. The three brands combined have blocked 281 million spam texts and 105 million international scam calls with the security measures currently in place.

EE claimed the updates will use AI to detect common and hard-to-spot scamming tactics, including using the technology to verify unknown caller IDs or “labelling the call with a scam warning”.

It will also improve its existing AI system to detect popular scamming method where the fraudster pretends to be the child of the recipient. EE noted the AI will be able to identify the amount of messages sent from a number, instead of simply reviewing the texts.

Further, the new measures will feature a system designed to automatically block scam texts from international numbers and non-UK shortcodes.

The updates build on EE’s various scam detection tools, including an SMS spam filter launched in 2021.

EE also noted it will launch a biometric verification technology for account registrations at its retail stores to reduce the risk of numbers being leaked to fraudsters.

The new security measures are expected to launch in the coming weeks.