Markus Ko, president and CVO of Dimple (pictured) made a case for making the metaverse more accessible for the average person through mobile devices, arguing the current landscape involving expensive hardware made mass adoption difficult.

The Dimple executive said sooner or later it would be clear what the metaverse was, but how it would be adopted was still up in the air.

“We think of the metaverse as 3D glasses, VR headsets with motion tracking devices or even haptic suits. But, even with all this hardware, until it becomes affordable and readily accessible with enough content to support everyday use, mass adoption via this way is going to be hard.”

To that end, Ko said Dimple had been working on a platform for three and a half years to push the metaverse onto mobile devices.

Through the Dimple Cloud, Ko explained users are able to stream and even download metaverses to millions of mobile devices with one click, while it has also developed a marketplace platform dubbed Digigooz to allow for the purchase of both digital and physical assets.

For the latter, the company announced a partnership with payments company Bango to enable carrier billing, furthering its goal to bring digital assets to the mainstream.

“We wanted to simplify everything and make it easy, so that anybody can enjoy ths metaverse world… why can’t the metaverse be on your mobile device? That is is what we are focussing on.”