Experts from top analyst companies argued 5G and AI are key elements in unlocking the potential of smart cities, serving as enablers of advanced technologies and innovative services which will deliver fresh revenue opportunities for operators.

Charles Anderson, founder of consulting company CRA and Associates told Mobile World Live 5G and AI are “not solutions, rather, they are technology enablers, so it is more about how cities use these new enablers, combined with the existing and new data they collect” to design services which deliver value to various stakeholders.

ABI Research VP of end markets and verticals Dominique Bonte explained services the technologies will enable span traffic and surveillance cameras, remote asset monitoring, driverless mobility and touchless delivery.

But Covid-19 (coronavirus) is also focusing authorities’ attention on other services, Frost and Sullivan analyst Malabika Mandal noted.

She explained the pandemic had increased interest in collaborative, data-driven services which could boost services in healthcare and public security, adding widespread availability of 5G would drive “large-scale adoption” of technologies enabling provision of “intelligent services”.

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