ZTE to invest $30M in US

ZTE to invest $30M in US

12 DEC 2012

Chinese infrastructure vendor ZTE is to invest US$30 million in the US market despite government recommendations for US companies to avoid working with the company.

The money will be used to work with partners “to tap into both core and innovative technologies in the telecommunications industry” and demonstrates ZTE’s long-term commitment to the US market, according to the company.

The investment is aimed at improving and integrating existing technologies, strengthening lab capabilities and expanding the company’s local capabilities to work with operators. ZTE added that the investment will create new US jobs.

“ZTE is committed to the US market and we look forward to continuing our investment and leveraging local talent to bring new innovations to consumers,” said ZTE USA CEO Lixin Cheng.

The investment follows a recent report by the Intelligence Committee of the US House of Representatives that said links between ZTE and Huawei with the Chinese government represent a security risk and US companies should avoid doing business with them.

ZTE currently has five R&D centres and a logistics centre in the US and employs 300 people in the country.


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