Huawei reportedly pledged to meet any requirements set by the Swedish government for it to be allowed to supply 5G equipment to the country’s operators, as a court process over the issue rumbles on.

Kenneth Fredriksen, Huawei’s EVP for CEE and Nordic region, told Reuters the company was willing to have “pragmatic discussions” with regulator PTS, after it moved to banned operators taking in part a planned 5G spectrum auction from using the Chinese vendor’s equipment.

Huawei then won a court injunction against the decision after lodging an appeal, which forced PTS to postpone the auction planned for November.

Fredriksen said Huawei was not only willing to discuss the issue, but would go one step further and offer additional assurances it does not pose a security risk to the country’s government.

“We are even willing to meet extraordinary requirements, such as setting-up test facilities for our equipment in Sweden, for example, if they want to,” he said.

PTS imposed the ban after a security assessment from the country’s armed forces and security services: it plans to reschedule the auction, although the country’s appeals court has yet to set a date for the case to be heard.

Huawei suggested Sweden’s ban came as something of a shock, as the country’s government appeared to have no issues with the use of its equipment until the early part of this year.

For example, it had signed contracts with operator Tre to build its network in the country.

Tre has also filed a lawsuit against the regulator’s ban.