LIVE FROM HUAWEI IDI FORUM, MUNICH: Huawei’s Western Europe president Li Peng (pictured) outlined the vendor’s determination to play a key role in digital transformation efforts in the region, pitching its IT kit as able to aid the acheivement of European Union (EU) digital and energy goals.

Huawei, which has had well-documented issues with national regulators in some European markets over sales of 5G equipment from its wireless division, continues to operate a wide number of business units across the continent including its IT-focused segment.

At the partner and customer event focused on energy saving data storage systems, Peng said Europe was at the “forefront of digital transformation” with authorities pushing for a “stronger digital Europe.” This includes targets set to industries and funding for digital and green projects.

These goals, Peng argues, fit with Huawei’s past and ongoing activities in the region.

“Building a sustainable future has already been our priority in the EU,” he added. “Huawei is committed to bring digital to every person, home and organisation for a fully-connected intelligent world.”

“We will also use our digital technology to drive more efficient energy use and empower a green Europe,” he added, highlighting its latest technologies designed to improve efficiency in data centres.

The vendor and its partners, he noted, could help push forward digital transformation, sustainable development and contribute to a goal of making the economic block carbon neutral by 2050.