Trade associations the GSMA and ETNO set out a list of policies they believe the European Union (EU) should adopt to aid post-pandemic economic recovery, including timely spectrum auctions and support for new infrastructure models including open RAN.

In a joint statement to EU leaders, the organisations detailed a number of priorities to help the fixed and mobile industries support the development of a strong digital ecosystem in the wake of the recession brought about by the Covid-19 (coronavirus) crisis.

They noted such moves would be “instrumental to lift workers and businesses out of the current crisis through sustainable and lasting economic growth” adding there was an opportunity for the EU to accelerate progress in sectors including cloud and edge computing.

Among the lengthy wish list was the need for supportive measures to aid 5G and fibre rollout, including appropriate pricing and coverage obligations for spectrum licences.

The groups also urged support for RAN sharing agreements; national incentives for fibre rollout; allowing “innovative infrastructure solutions” including cloud, edge and quantum computing; and measures to tackle red tape and expenses around public site access.

Continuing industry support for open RAN, the organisations noted such initiatives “have the potential to support Europe’s multi-vendor approach, while reducing deployment costs, further strengthening the security of the equipment and unleash more network innovation”.

Outside of telecoms infrastructure matters, the groups used the opportunity to highlight the importance of increasing uptake of new technologies, the vital role of digital initiatives for education and once again underline the damage done by 5G misinformation.

Across Europe, the GSMA and ETNO noted there had been 180 arson attacks on telephone antennas in 11 countries as of 2 July.