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Google chief Pichai tops $100M in earnings

30 MAR 2016

Google CEO Sundar Pichai pocketed a whopping $100.5 million in 2015, as there were reports of discontent elsewhere among the Alphabet empire.

A regulatory filing revealed Pichai’s remuneration following his appointment to the search giant’s top spot last summer. His 2014 salary was not included.

Pichai’s total package was composed of a salary of $652,500, plus equity worth more than $99.8 million, as well as “other” compensation worth $22,935.

The same filing reveals that executive chairman of parent Alphabet, Eric Schmidt, took home about $8 million last year, a steep fall from 2014, when he received $109 million.

Meanwhile, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, despite being offered “market-competitive” salaries annually since 2005, were content with receiving $1 each in 2015.

Alphabet management woes
While life for the Google management is rosy, life in other Alphabet units looks less so, due to what Re/code dubbed “a crisis of leadership”.

Citing a number of media reports, it said that robotics unit Boston Dynamics is up for sale, and the wider business in which it sits, Replicant, had seen a number of leadership changes. Central to Boston Dynamics’ problems were relations between its engineers and their peers within Replicant.

Meanwhile, The Information revealed the abrasive management style of Tony Fadell, CEO of Nest, the IoT firm expensively acquired by Google and now part of the Alphabet empire.

Finally, Alphabet’s life sciences unit, Verily, has seen an exodus of staff, thanks to contentious CEO Andrew Conrad. A dozen top execs, scientists and engineers have left over the past year, said Stat.


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