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China brands Nokia, Ericsson report fake news

21 JUL 2020

China’s government reportedly rubbished an article by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) stating the country would consider imposing trade restrictions on Ericsson and Nokia in retaliation to possible bans on Huawei, insisting the market remained open to European companies.

The Global Times cited Foreign Ministry representative Wenbin Wang as labelling the WSJ article “fake news”, which aimed to sow “discord in the good cooperative relationship between China and the European Union”.

WSJ reported on Monday (20 July) that China’s Ministry of Commerce would consider tougher stances on Ericsson and Nokia’s operations in the country should European Union countries yield to US pressure and ban Huawei from 5G networks.

Citing sources close to matter, WSJ said China was mulling export controls which would block Ericsson and Nokia from shipping equipment made in the country.

However, Wang reportedly told a press briefing in Beijing the information reported was “made up with ulterior motives” and was “maliciously fabricated”.

He said China had always had a clear stance on 5G and it was open to cooperation with all countries.

The Global Times also quoted another source, who previously worked for Ericsson, as stating the WSJ wanted to “destroy” China-EU relations, as the two make progress on landmark trade agreements.

Nokia and Ericsson are involved in small portions of 5G rollouts in China, with Huawei and ZTE having larger roles.



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