The Canadian Competition Bureau has said it is looking into concerns related to alleged anti-competitive clauses that Apple’s unit in the country uses in its contracts with operators for the supply of iPhones.

It is not known who made these allegations and the watchdog has so far found no evidence that Apple has flouted any rules, nor has it filed an application with the Competition Tribunal or any other court.

Following an earlier media report, the bureau confirmed its inquiry to Mobile World Live.

It has filed an application with the Federal Court for an order under section 11 of the Competition Act which will require Apple to provide records and written returns of information.

A spokesman for the bureau said that “should evidence indicate that the Competition Act has been contravened, the Commissioner will take appropriate action.”

The authority has not said if it has also asked the country’s operators for relevant records.

In May last year, the European Commission contacted mobile operators to discuss whether Apple’s iPhone distribution deals could be aimed at shutting out rival smartphone makers following informal complaints related to its subsidy and marketing strategy.

Two months before that, the EC was looking into antitrust violations by Apple relating to the distribution of iPhones and iPads, following informal complaints from mobile operators.