UK operator 3 will launch a new low cost mobile service, with the sub-brand offering discounts to customers who do not use their data allowance on a monthly basis.

A website dedicated to the new service, dubbed Smarty, revealed a new SIM-only mobile network “built to be fair, transparent and smart” will be launching soon.

Although there is no official word from 3 UK, the private policy segment on the website indicated the company’s parent Hutchison 3G UK is behind Smarty.

Notably, 3 UK already offers SIM-only plans at a lower cost than contract tariffs, but this is the first time the company will be launching a sub-brand.

Mobile World Live contacted 3 UK for comment on the rationale behind the move.

Simple and honest
Smarty, under the strapline of being “simple and honest”, is contract free and can be cancelled at any time, with four tariffs on offer all including unlimited calls and texts.

The tariffs simply differ on how much data is available and Smarty’s headline offering gives customers a discount on the data unused in a monthly period.

“You shouldn’t have to pay for data you’re not using, even if it rolls over. Smarty will calculate your unused data and credit the value off your next month’s plan,” the company said.

Smarty will join a list of established sub-brands in the UK market. Telefonica’s O2 owns half of Tesco Mobile and GiffGaff, while pay-TV players Sky and Virgin also operate SIM only mobile services.

Rival Vodafone is also set to launch a new range of packages in the UK this year.