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App Store cracks down on accidental subscriptions

15 APR 2019

Apple updated the App Store to ensure users don’t accidentally sign up to subscriptions, a problem that has long plagued the platform, 9to5Mac reported.

In the past, when users were asked to subscribe and tried to exit to the home screen, they often ended up triggering the fingerprint scanner, which the device would take to mean the user approved payment.

Now, when users authenticate a subscription via Touch ID or Face ID, they will see a pop-up asking them to confirm their decision and letting them know how they can undo it.

Developer David Barnard was the first to notice the change, explaining in a Tweet: “The subscription will continue unless cancelled in settings at least one day before a subscription period ends.”

This may prevent users from committing to monthly subscriptions unknowingly. In a related Twitter message, Barnard welcomed Apple’s action.

“The new subscription step rolled out sometime in the last week, making it an unusual change that wasn’t included in a standard update to iOS”, 9to5 noted.

In October 2018 Apple appeared to take action against apps which tricked users into signing up for subscriptions by taking advantage of the biometric control quirk, as several of the suspect titles disappeared from its App Store.



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