MasOrange pledged to invest €3.6 million into the deployment of standalone (SA) 5G at the Port of Barcelona over the next five years, providing a connectivity boost for maritime use cases.

Orange Spain, now part of the MasOrange JV, released a statement explaining the network technology will respond to the needs generated by an increasing degree of automation “in the port ecosystem”, as it highlighted SA 5G’s capability to cover a vast water surface area.

The operator stated the upgrade reflected a “technological leap” for companies in the port community, adding the service will allow them to respond to needs driven by increased automation of tools and services on site.

SA 5G will function as a support network during emergencies affecting the main system in critical facilities, Orange explained, adding the technology will also enable the installation of cameras and sensors in areas without fibre access. Some of the use cases are “already being put into practice”, added the operator.

Deployment of the network will cover the entire Port of Barcelona, including two nautical miles around the port.

Additionally, safety authorities including the port police and emergency services will be able to receive real-time information from more than 400 CCTV cameras and communicate with each other more seamlessly thanks to a more reliable connectivity.

They will also be able to coordinate with drones that are connected to the network, Orange added.

Beyond supporting maritime activities the operator pitched SA 5G as “key to making rail transport through the Port of Barcelona more efficient”.

MasOrange director Victor Vera said the project “already allows for the improvement and reinforcement of security over the daily operations of the port, thanks to the latest 5G spectrum bands available in Spain and which guarantee ultra-low latency, high data capacity and multi-operability between devices”.