InterDigital extended a partnership with the University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M) to bolster research on next-generation networks, with integrated sensing and communications in 6G identified as a key focus area. 

In a joint statement, InterDigital and UC3M explained the agreement builds on an existing partnership established over several years and is aimed at solidifying research and standardisation of wireless technologies. 

The collaboration will see InterDigital sponsor the exploration of innovations related to next-generation mobile networks, particularly sensing technology in 5G advanced and 6G. 

EVP and CTO at InterDigital Rajesh Pankaj claimed the research will deepen an “understanding of the critical technologies that will shape the path to 6G”. 

The partners further noted that the move stands as an important collaboration at a time when the European Union is prioritising 6G research and standardisation. 

InterDigital is involved in a string of research working groups for 6G, including the 6G@UT in US with the University of Texas, Nvidia, Qualcomm, AT&T and Samsung America.

The company also bagged funding from EU in November 2022 to explore the potential capabilities of 6G.