Qualcomm goes on defensive following Snapdragon 810 rumours

Qualcomm goes on defensive following Snapdragon 810 rumours

02 FEB 2015

Qualcomm hit back at claims that its Snapdragon 810 processor has failed to pick up traction among device makers, by stating that there are “over 60 premium tier mobile devices” using the silicon in the works.

Last week, Qualcomm said that the chip “will not be in the upcoming design cycle of a large customer’s flagship device”. This was widely seen as a reference to Samsung’s anticipated Galaxy S6, which is believed to use the South Korean company’s own Exynos application processors.

Qualcomm noted that devices using Snapdragon 810 include LG’s G Flex 2 as well as Xiaomi’s Mi Note Pro, with “many more expected in the coming weeks and months”.

The vendor’s statement also included comments from Motorola, Sony Mobile, OPPO and Microsoft, who all stated their support for the new chips.

At the weekend, The Wall Street Journal said that while there has been speculation about weakness in Snapdragon 810 – primarily related to heat issues – Samsung’s decision was instead driven by the improved capabilities of its own processors.

It is anticipated that the new Exynos chips will be fabricated using a 14nm process, which should deliver power, performance and size benefits over 20nm chips such as the current Snapdragon products.

But this would still mark something of an embarrassment for Qualcomm, which has traditionally been the benchmark for mobile processors in terms of overall performance.

And it has also been suggested that Samsung has picked up the deal to manufacture processors for Apple using its 14nm capabilities, a high-profile win for the company as it looks to drive the growth of its components unit.


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