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iPad Mini future called into question again

17 MAY 2017

Apple is set to phase-out its iPad Mini, BGR reported, stating the device is being squeezed from both sides of the market.

On the one hand, since the introduction of the iPhone Plus line, potential iPad Mini buyers have another option for lighter tasks including web browsing, gaming and media consumption on the move. On the other, the 9.7-inch iPad – which is tipped to be replaced by a 10.5-inch screen version with a similar footprint – offers a larger display and is seeing more regular spec updates, with little price difference over iPad Mini.

This is not the first time reports stated the iPad Mini is for the axe, but so far the unit survived with occasional incremental upgrades.

However, Apple’s tablet focus clearly lies in larger devices, such as its iPad Pro line.

BGR’s unnamed source said the iPad Mini had been “sized out of its own category”, and there is “fierce cannibalism” among Apple’s products.

It is not clear if Apple will simply pull the plug on iPad Mini, or allow it to live on, but without any new upgrades.


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