Android and iOS trump Windows Phone for user loyalty – Ericsson

Android and iOS trump Windows Phone for user loyalty – Ericsson

18 NOV 2015

The majority of smartphone users remain loyal to the operating system of their existing device when upgrading, with Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform being a notable exception to the trend, according to Ericsson’s latest Mobility Report.

According to the infrastructure giant, 82 per cent of Android users and 73 per cent of iOS users picked a new smartphone powered by the new platform. In contrast, only 20 per cent of Windows Phone users stuck with the Microsoft platform, with the majority churning to Android.

There was a significant variation in loyalty between low-end and high-end models (regardless of OS), with owners of more expensive devices likely to remain with the same platform. While the reasons for this were not revealed, there are a number of likely reasons – including satisfaction with device performance and investments made in content and apps.

Interestingly, the launch of new iPhones has a significant impact on loyalty. When this takes place, the portion of iOS upgraders remaining within the family climbs sharply, while Android loyalty decreases.


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