Troubled smartphone platform player Jolla announced new partner efforts, including the first device using the OS from a third-party company.

The smartphone, Aqua Fish, comes as part as a previously-announced deal with Indian vendor Intex. Sales are expected to start by the end of April.

In a statement, Jolla said that the device “comes with a previously unseen concept for integrating premium, locally relevant content directly into the smartphone’s user interface”. The device will ship with “Super Apps” from Times Internet (Gaana music service) and ecommerce site Snapdeal.

Also announced was the first partnership for Jolla’s Sailfish Africa ecosystem project. Device vendor MiFone is expected to launch a Sailfish-powered device in the second quarter, supported by services offering content tailored for “mass-market African consumers”.

Finally, the company said it is working with “ethical smartphone” start-up Fairphone to “evaluate possibilities to enter into commercial collaboration based on common values”.

“Making the Fairphone 2 hardware an open development platform has been one of our major ambitions from the start. This way, we can foster innovation into new mobile software technology and applications, while giving users the choice in the operating systems that they want to use,” said Olivier Hebert, CTO at Fairphone.