HTC announced a wireless Vive headset adaptor, which it said enables VR users to drop the tether to their PC while meeting the performance requirements demanded by premium VR.

With the ordering process starting on 5 September, the peripheral will be available through a number of retailers, priced $299. But for owners of the Vive Pro, an additional adaptor is also needed, costing $60 on top.

Some observers noted this is not cheap for an add-on to a device which is already fairly pricey. Standalone headsets are already available, although there is a difference in performance terms.

HTC said installation “occurs in minutes”, by adding a PCI-e card and sensor from the PC which broadcasts to and from the headset. It uses Intel’s WiGig technology in the “interference free 60GHz band”, with a range of 6 metres and 150-degree field of view from the sensor.

The headset adaptor is powered by a battery pack which doubles-up as a charge pack for a smartphone.

Vive Wireless Adaptor purchases include a two-month trial Viveport content subscription.