HTC announced an addition to its flagship product line, One M9+, targeting the China market.

While, as the name suggests, the new smartphone is larger than the standard One M9, the difference is small – the screen size is 5.2-inches, rather than 5.0-inches.  But it has seen a resolution bump, to 2K (1440 x 2560 pixels) from standard HD.

The device also features a different camera from the standard smartphone. It has a 20MP “duo camera”, featuring a second lens to capture depth information – a feature included in One M8, but not One M9, which has a more traditional 20MP camera.

As with One M9, One M9+ has a front-facing UltraPixel camera, designed to provide better imaging in low-light conditions.

There is also another significant change under the bonnet: the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor of One M9 has been replaced by a MediaTek chip. And it also features a new fingerprint sensor, located on the front of the phone.

HTC told Engadget that while availability in other markets will be confirmed at a later date, it does not plan to release One M9+ in North America or Europe.

It has also been reported that HTC is planning to launch One E9 and One E9+ which, based on its previous products, will be plastic-bodied version of the flagship.

But it has also been suggested that One E9+ will be larger than One M9+ (a 5.5-inch screen was mooted), and other changes are also possible.